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Logo of research institute SCENOR in Vienna, Austria
Logo of organisation IPS
Logo of organisation FUNDEA
Logo of organisation ACT
Logo of organisation Militants des savoirs
Logo of organisation EFSAS
Logo of organisation Blueline
Logo of organisation VBJ in Vienna, Austria
Logo of organisation KEMEA in Greece
Logo of organisation VPN
Logo of organisation Diakonija Latvija
Logo of organisation ESC
Logo of Hellenic Police
Logo of Murcia Police Department


Project Coordinator Dr Daniela Pisoiu

Daniela Pisoiu

Project Coordinator & Work Package Leader 1

Daniela is Senior Researcher at oiip in Vienna, Austria, with 16 years of experience in the research of terrorism, radicalisation, and extremism. She completed her PhD at the University of St Andrews and has published widely on these topics including jihadism, right-wing extremism, deradicalisation, counter-narratives and alternative narratives.

Project Administrator Daniela Härtl of oiip

Daniela Härtl

Project Administrator

Daniela is Office Manager at oiip since 2007. She is responsible for the areas finance, event management and public relations. She has obtained a University degree in Political Science and subject combination (Sociology, Communication and Economics).


Javier Ruipérez Canales

Work Package Leader 2

Javier is Director and P/CVE researcher at the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies (FUNDEA) and specialised (inter alia) in radicalisation, violent extremism and designing intervention programs. Javier holds a PhD in Social Sciences of the University of Granada, three Master degrees and is member of the European Research Community on Radicalisation.

Work Package Leader Junaid Qureshi

Junaid Qureshi

Work Package Leader 3

Junaid is the Director of the European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS). He was a columnist for various newspapers and publications, writing on terrorism, human rights and the overall geopolitical scenario in South Asia. Junaid is a regular speaker on these issues at the UN, the EU Parliament and various European and South Asian universities.

Work Package Leader 4 Pedro Liberado

Pedro Liberado

Work Package Leader 4

Pedro is Chief Research Officer and Head of Radicalisation, Violent Extremism and Organised Crime Portfolio at IPS (Innovative Prison Systems) in Portugal. He produced extensive P/CVE work related to criminal justice staff training, radicalisation risk screening and assessment and the implementation of exit programmes (including evaluation).

Work Package Leader 5 & Project Manager Stefan Meingast

Stefan Meingast

Work Package Leader 5 & Project Manager

Stefan is co-founder and Chairman of the non-profit research organisation SCENOR located in Vienna, Austria. He looks back at 16+ years of experience in managing donor-funded projects and project communication. He holds a Master’s degree in Political Science, Communication Science and History from Ludwig Maximilians University Munich.

Partner Contact Point EFSAS Yoana Barakova

Yoana Barakova

Partner Contact Point EFSAS

Yoana is Senior Research Analyst at the European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS). She holds a BA in Criminology from the University of Leicester and an MSc in Intelligence and Security Studies from Liverpool John Moores University. Her research focuses (inter alia) on prevention of radicalisation, counter-terrorism and human rights protection.

Partner Contact Point KEMEA Andrianna Retzepi

Andrianna Retzepi

Partner Contact Point KEMEA

Andrianna is a PhD Candidate studying political violence in Greece. She holds an MSc degree in International Security and Global Governance of University of London and a BSc degree in Political Science, University of Athens. Since 2017 she is Research Associate at the Hellenic Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) covering radicalization, violent extremism and terrorism.

Logo of Hellenic Police

Theofanis Antonopoulos

Partner contact Point Hellenic Police

Theofanis is Police Lieutenant Colonel of Hellenic Police and serves at the State Security Division at its Headquarters. He looks back on 25 years of police service and is a specialist in terrorism, extremism and radicalization with professional experience on a both operational and strategic level.

Partner Contact Point ESC Ioan Durnescu

Ioan Durnescu 

Partner Contact Point ESC

Ioan is professor at the University of Bucharest and Co-chair of the RAN Rehabilitation Working Group. He conducted several missions to countries like Kenya and Jordan, where he developed tools for working with radicalized offenders, such as risk assessments or deradicalization programmes for radicalized juveniles.

Partner Contact Point MDS Seraphin Alava

Séraphin Alava

Partner Contact Point Militants des Savoir

Séraphin is Founding President of MDS and Professor of Education Sciences at the University of Toulouse II Jean Jaurès. His research focuses on radicalization processes leading to violence among young people, and he is involved in numerous projects on preventing radicalization and terrorism.

Partner Contact Point ACT Luisa Ravagnani

Luisa Ravagnani

Partner Contact Point ACT

Luisa is a Researcher in Criminology and Penitentiary Criminology, Professor of Criminology of Terrorism and International Crimes at the University of Law, Brescia, Italy, and Prisoners’ Ombudsman for the City of Brescia. She is a senior member of the Associazione Carcere e Territorio for which she developed national and International projects in the field of P/CVE.

Partner Contact Point VPN Sophie Scheuble

Sophie Scheuble

Partner Contact Point VPN

Sophie is Deputy Director of Violence Prevention Network’s international department. Her areas of expertise include multi-agency approaches in disengagement and rehabilitation, involvement of non-state actors in P/CVE and contemporary Salafism. She is project manager of the icommit project, which strengthens multi-stakeholder collaboration in prevention work.

Partner Contact Point Diakonija Inese Bulava

Inese Bulava

Partner Contact Point Diakonija

Inese is Project Manager at the Diakonija Centre in Latvia, with 20+ years of experience in international project management and non-formal education programming. She graduated from St. Gregory’s School of Christian Ministry and today facilitates the development and delivery of educational programs for community service providers, religious servants, and other leaders.

Partner Contact Point VBJ Alexander Mikula

Alexander Mikula

Partner Contact Point VBJ

Alex is Public Affairs Manager for Verein Bucharischer Juden in Vienna, Austria. He has 20 years of experience in communications and holds a Master’s degree in communication from the University of Vienna. Since several yeas, he works for the Jewish community of Vienna and engages himself in the fight against antisemitism, radicalism and hate-speech.

Partner Contact Point Blueline Paulo Gomes

Paulo Gomes

Partner Contact Point BLUELINE

Paulo is Director General of Blue Line and holds a management degree of the University of Almería and a degree in graphic design of Escola de Tecnologias Inovação e Criação. Paulo has 35 years of professional experience with a strong focus on consulting for business.

Partner Contact Point Murcia Police Department José Martínez Marín

José Martínez Marín

Partner Contact Point Murcia Police

José is Head of the European Programmes department at Murcia Police in Spain and has expertise as criminologist, computer engineer and researcher in different areas of criminology (e.g., gender violence, cybercrime, use of force in law enforcement). He has participated in various criminology congresses such as in Porto, Ghent, New Orleans, Chicago and Barcelona.

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